Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new kid on the block...Carrot Cake!

There's a new kid on the block! Errr..ok its just a new cake on my list of a few others  :)

I dont eat carrots, but i do love the juice.

And i think i've not been doing justice to the vegy@fruit ( confused?) after (not so) much research and googling actually, i built up enough courage to buy carrots(??!) to whip up carrot cake!

Paired it up with my usual cream cheese frosting that i improvised a little with orange zest.

Thought it cud use the extra flavor

.and well color  :p

This newbie was quite a hit among the lab-rats and so i've decided to include it in the list heh..

Will come up with the cake-alogue soon, for the meantime feel free to p.m for any enqueries on this cake or others yep!

(CARROT CAKE, 7" square, abt 1.4kg)

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